Was a 'Kill' Desired from marshals?

A report the other day showed that training of customs and immigration officials to act as Federal marshals in case of terrorist attack or other emergencies (to create a pool of extra protection) was stopped by Congress in 2004 because of the cost. Did the administration think that some kind of situation was needed to get attention for Federal marshals program?

Plus the Patriot Act was being debated in the House and Senate and having trouble.

In fact the whole meme from the Bush administration (code name 'Propaganda White House') is "terror terror terror" this week as they justify their rendition program, and try to get Bush's numbers up with a campaign that the US taxpayer pays for.

And their talking points seemed to be ready at hand soon after the Alpizar incident.

It just makes you wonder if they were looking for a way to have the marshals take some action.

Think about it: How many men would take their wives on a plane to blow it up?

BTW, another AP report says that Alpizar was clearly agitated at the gate. Now wouldn't that have been a good time to stop Mr. Alpizar, before force became necessary? Wouldn't that have been the time to call the marshals have them examine Mr. Alpizar from a mirrored room if need be to keep their identities a secret? Since the marshals were safeguarding that flight they should have made the decision as to whether someone 'agitated' could get on. After he had boarded, if the man really had a bomb, there probably would have been a bloodbath before they could even shoot him.

So now can we blame some poorly paid gate keepers? No, there should have been procedures to deal with someone who is having trouble with agitation or strange behavior at the airline gate. Those procedures already decided on, and written down. The transportation board or the marshals themselves should have checked to make sure that the airlines had trained their personnel on what they should do when a person having problems like Mr. Alpizar was.

That's what leaders do, Mr. Bush. They make sure that their agencies are making things work for good in these United States and work to make the world a better place. That's what you get paid for. That's what you get called the leader of the free world for. And what you get to hobnob with the rich and famous for. You don't get those things for your bike riding ability, though you seem to think you do.

There are too many questions. Did they adequately warn Mr. Alpizar to put the bag down in Spanish (which one Marshall knew) and English? Did they warn him what would happen if he didn't? At least one government is now looking at charges in their "we kill 'terrorists'" incident.

Our administration has basically promised us that we will see Martial Law if bird flu strikes our nation. Sometimes it seems that nothing is beyond their imagination.

More on this subject here.


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